Genee Unger

Genee Unger

Genee Unger is the manager for Pew’s cities project, which focuses on the biggest city in each of the nation’s 30 largest metropolitan areas and provides essential data and analysis to policy makers to help them better understand key challenges and identify promising policy solutions.

As project lead, Unger oversees a team of researchers conducting original studies on budgets, transportation, infrastructure, education and other critical issues facing our nation’s cities as well as investigations into the effectiveness of various policy options.  She also speaks with the media about national trends and local innovations and engages with local policy leaders to identify areas for collaboration and share information.

Before joining Pew, Unger served in the Department of Health Care Finance for the District of Columbia, first as chief operating officer and later as director of internal improvement. In these roles she was instrumental in Washington, D.C.’s efforts to employ evidence-based approaches as a key driver of policy decisions. She led the overhaul of the city’s public health care finance system to focus on improving health outcomes for nearly one in three District residents. Unger previously served as the deputy director of the City Council’s Committee on Health, as a management analyst for the City of Eagan, MN and Dakota County Community Development Agency, and in several local governments in Kansas and Missouri.     

Unger holds a master’s degree in public administration with an emphasis in city management and urban policy from the University of Kansas and an honors bachelor of science in business administration from Saint Louis University.