Kasia O’Neill Murray

Kasia O’Neill Murray

Kasia O’Neill Murray is a manager of fiscal federalism at Pew, examining the fiscal and policy relationships between federal and state governments.

As a lead researcher, Murray oversees a robust analytical agenda, exploring the impact of federal deficit reduction on the states.

Murray previously worked as a policy analyst for the Joint Economic Committee in the U.S. Congress, where she authored reports on topics including the impact of federal budget and tax policy on American families and policies promoting retirement savings and security. She also worked as an analyst in the Congressional Budget Office’s Budget Analysis Division. At the state level, Murray has worked as a fiscal and policy analyst for California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office, where she testified regularly before the budget and policy committees on California’s employment and income support programs. Murray previously worked for Pew’s Commission on Children in Foster Care, where she advised a panel of national experts on policy options to reform federal financing of the child welfare system.

Murray holds a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison La Follette School of Public Affairs and a bachelor’s degree in urban studies from Bryn Mawr College.