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Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Incentives for Companies in Georgia Sometimes Don’t Deliver Promised Jobs

Hungry for jobs, Georgia has spent hundreds of millions of public dollars in the last decade on grants to recruit and retain businesses.

But an extensive review by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution of completed projects shows nearly half the companies the state wooed with deal-closing cash failed to deliver the full number of jobs they promised. Collectively, the under-performers, which were awarded more than $106 million in state grants, fell short of their job-creation promises by 42 percent.


An April 2012 report by the Pew Charitable Trusts that found Georgia was one of 26 states without adequate methods in place to know whether its recruitment incentives were effective.

“The question is, is Georgia getting good results? And the state itself doesn’t really know,” said Josh Goodman, a Pew expert on state economic development.

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