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Bloomberg: King Speech 50 Years on Shows Blacks’ Distress Disproportionate

Martin Luther King Jr. declared from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial that the March on Washington was “not an end but a beginning.” Fifty years later, the push for racial equality still isn’t complete.


The Pew Charitable Trusts, in a 2012 study on economic mobility, found that blacks raised poor were more likely than whites to stay poor into their 40s, while blacks raised in the middle-earning quintile were more likely than not to slip down a peg. The study found 53 percent of black adult children raised in the bottom quintile were there a generation later.

Jobless Rate

“It’s absolutely the case that blacks are more likely to be stuck in the bottom or fall from the middle than whites,” said Diana Elliott, research manager for Pew’s Economic Mobility Project.

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