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Deseret News: Economic Mobility Gains May be Due to Dual-income Families

SYRACUSE, Utah — If parents are happier when their children do better financially than they did, then there should be a lot of happy parents in the United States.

But more American families reach that status today through dual incomes, according to a new report released Tuesday.


Although Argyle grew up in a single-earner family, his wife, Natalie, grew up in a dual-earner family. Whether families in general are doing better economically than their parents' families has to do with dual-income, a new interactive graphic released this week by the Pew Economic Mobility Project demonstrates.

A previous look at absolute economic mobility by Pew showed how 83 percent of families make more than their parents did, adjusting for inflation and family size. A new interactive graphic at digs deeper into the data — giving people a look at the extent of how people are doing better and dividing the information up by race, education and number of earners.

Economic Mobility Project

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