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Governing: How Can States Eliminate Medicaid Fraud?

Eradicating Medicaid fraud has become a central focus for states in recent years, especially as the low-income insurance program has consumed more and more of state budgets. It’s good politics because the public doesn’t like government waste, and it’s good policy because the fiscal pressures mean states could use every extra dollar to fund the program. There are limits to what it can do -- federal estimates place the amount of Medicaid waste in 2012 at $19 billion for federal dollars, while the most recent figures for state spending was $11 billion in 2010. For context: the federal government and state spent more than $450 billion combined in 2012. But these days, every little bit helps.

But how can states actually stop it?


The Pew Center on the States compiled the CMS reviews of all state Medicaid fraud practices into a searchable database (available here and highly recommended). Governing searched the information for noteworthy picks only and picked out some of the most interesting examples.

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