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Military Voters Get Flexibility

08/12/2011 - Sen. Chip Campsen said he was outraged when he learned that many of the votes cast by South Carolina's men and women serving overseas were at risk of never being counted in an election.

The Isle of Palms Republican championed a bill intended to make it easier for servicemen and women to vote in future elections. Campsen said a study by Pew Center on the States prompted him to take action.


Pew reported in its 2009 study, "No Time to Vote: Challenges Facing America's Overseas Military Voters," that only a third of the estimated one million ballots distributed to military and overseas voters in 2006 were actually cast or counted. The study concluded that a third of all states did not provide enough time for the military personnel to vote and as many as half of all states needed to improve their absentee voting process to ensure votes are counted.

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