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Occupy Wall Street Movement Has Faded, But the Frustration Lives On

Today's half-hearted demonstrations marking the birthday of the Occupy Wall Street movement served as a reminder that catchy slogans and funny hats do not add up to a political movement.

But if you are among the millions of Americans who see fundamental injustice in the way our economy works these days, take heart: Those concerns are at the heart of the political debate today.


That growing disparity is made worse by the lack of economic mobility. The American dream holds that anyone has a shot at success, no matter what station they are born into. Sadly, that is now more true in western Europe and Canada than in the United States.

"That flies in the face of what Americans believe," says Erin Currier, project manager of the Economic Mobility Project at the Pew Charitable Trusts. "But we have a higher likelihood that kids who start a the bottom will remain at the bottom, and kids at the top will remain at the top."

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