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U.S. States Tighten Voting Regulation With Republicans in Charge

08/25/2011 - With Republicans taking control of most U.S. capitols this year and a presidential race looming, states have passed the most election-related laws since 2003 in a push to tighten voting rules.

Forty-seven states have enacted 285 election-related laws this year, and 60 percent were in states with Republican governors, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Democrats are pushing back by vetoing photo- identification laws in five states and trying to repeal other voting laws in Maine and Ohio, where President Barack Obama’s campaign is promoting the effort.


Republicans who after the 2010 elections took over legislatures and governor’s offices—they now control 29—have had more opportunity to act on election issues, Sean Greene, research manager with the Pew Center on the States’ election initiatives, said in a telephone interview. The issue divides Republicans concerned about fraud and Democrats interested in access, he said.

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