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Washington Post: Obama’s Proposed Voting Commission Under Partisan Fire From Both Sides

President Obama’s proposed commission on electoral reform aimed at improving voting efficiency and reducing long wait times for voters is producing heated criticism from advocates on both the right and the left.

Some conservatives see the initiative as a federal overreach into an issue that is rightly the province of states, while some voting rights advocates say that the president’s proposed commission is a too timid response to what they see as a huge problem.  


“The challenge for the commission will be to make sure that the participants are going to approach this in a constructive and data-driven way. If it’s ideological, the commission won’t accomplish much and the states won’t listen,” said David Becker, director of election initiatives at Pew Charitable Trusts. “But if they bring together research focused people who are not looking at elections as how a winner is determined, but who will look at it as how our democracy works, then they are going to find that the states are going to be receptive to their recommended solutions.”

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