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Election Initiatives



Election Initiatives supports innovative research and partnerships to achieve the highest standards of accuracy, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and security in America’s system of election administration. Because effective elections systems are fundamental to our nation’s democracy, we examine pressing election problems, share successful practices, and undertake projects to help states implement efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Why Elections Systems Matter

American elections today operate much the way they did at the turn of the 20th century. Our work is aimed at modernizing elections systems, with a focus on three areas:

  • Collaborating with technology companies and state election offices to provide voters with easy access to official election information; and 

  • Strengthening research on election administration and developing data measures to provide an empirical assessment of how well our nation is conducting elections.

How We Conduct Our Work

  • Policy Advocacy. In the states, we advocate for data-driven policies that make the best use of taxpayer resources while ensuring the highest standards of accuracy, convenience, security, and efficiency.

  • Innovative Tools. We work with election officials, academics, and technology specialists to develop tools that help states streamline election processes and make the most of 21st-century technology.  

  • Research. We conduct policy-relevant research to identify areas of strength and weakness in current elections systems and to evaluate possible solutions. The findings help states improve the way elections are administered in the U.S.  

  • Information Sharing. Through events, online Election Data Dispatches, interactive graphics, and public appearances, we lead a national conversation on the importance of improved election systems. In doing so, we serve as a resource to state policy makers and election administrators making data-driven policy decisions.  


October 3, 2013

2012 State Elections Snapshots

Good policy depends on good data. To help states achieve an election system with the highest standards of accuracy, cost effectiveness, convenience, and security, The Pew Charitable Trusts' election initiatives team took a detailed look at each state's 2012 election. More
  • Report
April 7, 2014

Elections Performance Index

The Elections Performance Index is a project that, for the first time ever, examines election administration performance across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  More

Inaccurate, Costly, and Inefficient

Pew's report underscores the need for registration systems that better maintain voter records, save money, and streamline processes.  More
  • Video
November 4, 2013

Video: The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)

Participating states can privately and securely compare multiple data records to one another simultaneously and alert officials to important changes in voters’ records. More
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