Children's Dental Policy

Children's Dental Policy



Pew’s work on children’s dental policy promotes policies to expand dental care for America’s children. We conduct and commission research to define issues, identify solutions, and assess how states are responding to dental care challenges. We work with professionals with extensive expertise in dental health policy at the state and national levels. 

Reports, testimony, and other materials by Pew’s dental experts are helping to drive policy changes in a number of states.


January 8, 2013

Falling Short on Sealants

Pew’s 50-state report finds that most states are not doing enough to use a proven strategy for preventing tooth decay, unnecessarily driving up health care costs for families and taxpayers.  More
February 28, 2012

A Costly Dental Destination

States are covering expensive emergency room treatment for toothaches and other avoidable dental problems. By improving access to preventative care, states can reduce hospital visits and cut costs. More
May 24, 2011

State of Children's Dental Health

In the face of major budget shortfalls, 22 states were able to improve dental health policies in 2011. More
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