Economic Mobility Project

Economic Mobility Project


Project Partners

The Economic Mobility Project partners with organizations and donors who share our commitment to nonpartisan research on the state of opportunity in America. 


The Principals Group includes individuals who represent think tanks from across the political spectrum, and the Advisory Board comprises nationally recognized economists, social scientists, and policy experts from across the country who contribute a broad and diverse base of knowledge and experience.  


In addition, the project works with funding partners on specific research and analysis projects.

Principals Group

The American Enterprise Institute 

Marvin Kosters, Ph.D., Resident Scholar

Richard Burkhauser, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar

The Brookings Institution

Ron Haskins, Ph.D., Senior Fellow and Co-Director, Center on Children and Families 

The Heritage Foundation

William Beach, Director, Center for Data Analysis 

Stuart Butler, Ph.D., Vice President, Domestic and Economic Policy Studies


The New America Foundation

Reid Cramer, Director of the Asset Building Program 

MaryEllen McGuire, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Postsecondary National Policy Institute


The Urban Institute

Sheila Zedlewski, Director, Income and Benefits Policy Center 

Harry Holzer, Ph.D., Visiting Fellow

Eugene Steuerle, Ph.D., Richard B. Fisher Chair and Institute Fellow


Advisory Board

Ray Boshara, MPA, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

David Ellwood, Ph.D., Dean, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Christopher Jencks, M. Ed., John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Susan Mayer, Ph.D., Harris School, University of Chicago

Bhashkar Mazumder, Ph.D., Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Sara McLanahan, Ph.D., Center for Research on Child Wellbeing, Princeton University

Ronald Mincy, Ph.D., School of Social Work, Columbia University 

Timothy M. Smeeding, Ph.D., Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Eric Wanner, Ph.D., The Russell Sage Foundation

Funding Partners

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is partnering with the Economic Mobility Project on a research series that explores how the recession impacted savings, a key driver of mobility. 


The Russell Sage Foundation is partnering with the Economic Mobility Project on the first intergenerational mobility analysis using IRS data. 

The Sutton Trust  is partnering with the Economic Mobility Project on the first-ever cross-national analysis of absolute mobility.