Economic Mobility Project

Economic Mobility Project



The Economic Mobility Project conducts research on how and why people move up or down the income ladder within a lifetime or from one generation to the next. Our work is guided by an Advisory Board of esteemed economists and social scientists and by a Principals Group of respected leaders from across the political spectrum.   


January 10, 2013

College Degree Helps in Poor Job Market

This report examines the impact of the Great Recession on the early labor market outcomes of recent college graduates compared to less-educated groups.  More
December 1, 2011

Housing Wealth and Higher Education

This report examines how changes in housing wealth affect students' higher education decisions. More

Does America Promote Mobility as well as Other Nations?

In the US, there is a stronger link between parents' education and children's ability to move up the income ladder than in many European countries. More
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