Government Performance Project
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Government Performance Project



Pew's Government Performance Project completed its 14-year effort to improve state government management in 2010.


Please visit the States’ Fiscal Health Project and Government Performance issue sections of this website to learn more.

The Work of the Government Performance Project

The Government Performance Project (GPP) evaluated how states manage their money, people, infrastructure, and information—four areas critical to well-functioning governments. Through the publication of 50-state report cards, a series of tailored briefs, and events and convenings, GPP helped policy makers, stakeholders, and the media better understand the link between government management and performance. The project facilitated cross-state sharing of promising approaches and lessons learned, and it promoted innovation through the distribution of a catalog of proven management practices.


March 3, 2008

Grading the States

Grading the States 2008 report is an assessment of the quality of management in the 50 states.  More
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