Another Sanford joke riles lawmakers

There are jokes that relieve tension, and then there are jokes by South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R). The governor, famous for bringing live pigs to the Capitol to protest lawmakers' spending ideas in 2004, has resisted efforts this year to spend $5 million to improve safety at the State House. According to The Greenville News , Sanford told his Cabinet Tuesday (Oct. 9) he doubted the Capitol would be a terrorist target, "though sometimes I would like it to be."
Yes, a stripper is entitled to coverage - of the worker's compensation variety, anyway. That's the upshot of a ruling Tuesday by an Indiana appeals court, which said an exotic dancer from Ft. Wayne deserved compensation for a neck injury she sustained while sliding down a pole in 2001. The dancer's lawyer tells The (Ft. Wayne) Journal-Gazette his client's profession played no role in the court's decision. "I'm sure the worker's comp hearing officers see these types of claims all the time," he said.
Louisiana Republican gubernatorial candidate Bobby Jindal got a rude surprise from his own party this week - a TV campaign ad hinting he supported the wrong college team. A spot aired by the Republican Governors Association showed stock footage of a classroom where a sign hung for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, this week's football opponent of Jindal's favorite Louisiana State University, The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune reports . "Any suggestion that Bobby would root for any team over LSU could possibly be the lowest attack on his character yet," a Jindal spokesman said. The RGA since revised the ad and removed the old version .
Just how happy were feuding New York pols Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D) and Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno (R) to see each other after a summer of public spats? See for yourself on New York magazine's Web site.
A Republican staffer who ran a losing Kansas gubernatorial campaign in 2006 could be in line for unemployment benefits, the Topeka bureau of The Associated Press reports. Campaign manager Christian Morgan - now head of the GOP's Kansas operation - filed for the benefits after his candidate, state Sen. Jim Barnett (R), lost to incumbent Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D). The campaign is fighting the move in a local trial court.
Jesus is back in the Ohio House, while Satan has reared his ugly head on the campaign trail in Utah. Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted (R) will no longer enforce a policy preventing guest ministers from invoking the name of Jesus Christ in prayers before the chamber's sessions, The Columbus Dispatch writes. Meanwhile, the Deseret Morning News reports that a contentious ballot measure in Utah over school choice got even more heated when a voucher opponent sent an e-mail message saying, "The more I know about these 'parents for choice,' the more I know they are from Satan." 

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