Carl Lewis Candidacy? Not So Fast

Carl Lewis - once the fastest man in the world - is off to a slow start in his quest for a seat in the New Jersey Senate.

As Stateline noted earlier this month , the nine-time Olympic gold medalist in track and field hopes to run as a Democrat in the New Jersey Senate district where he grew up. But Lewis has been living in California and elsewhere for much of his adult life, prompting Republicans to try to knock the well-known track star off the ballot.

An administrative law judge sided with Lewis earlier this week. But in an unusual twist, the decision over Lewis's legal residency now rests with Kim Guadagno, the Republican lieutenant governor who also happens to be New Jersey's secretary of state, or chief elections official.

While the judge dismissed the GOP effort to sideline Lewis, he did not rule on whether Lewis meets the state's four-year residency requirement to run for Senate, The Star-Ledger reports . Republicans have responded by taking their objections to Guadagno, who was elected alongside Republican Governor Chris Christie in 2009.

Guadagno says she will not make a decision until next week, The Star-Ledger notes. Even then, however, her ruling can be appealed, potentially leaving Lewis's eligibility uncertain for some time to come.

New Jersey holds legislative elections later this year.

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