Jindal Warns Obama: 'We're Not Winning This War'

During President Obama's fourth tour of the Gulf Coast since oil began spilling from an offshore well, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal told the president that the country is losing the "war" against the spill. Obama met with Jindal and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour Monday (June 14) and will address the nation Tuesday evening from the Oval Office about the oil spill in the Gulf.

"We very specifically told him, 'This is a war to protect our way of life and we're not winning this war, especially when it comes to fighting this oil off our coast,'" Jindal said, according to Agence France-Presse . Jindal pressed Obama to send more Coast Guard vessels to skim oil. The Coast Guard told state officials they may send more skimmers, but it could take up to five weeks for the vessels to arrive.

In Alabama, Obama appeared with Governor Bob Riley, who also has been critical of the Obama administration's response to the spill. Riley said he hoped Obama's visit would help the president understand the situation in Alabama, according to the Montgomery Advertiser . "
Overall, I think the president will look at Alabama differently than if he had not been here," Riley said.

Obama's visit came at the same time Louisiana's state treasurer urged Jindal to prepare for the possible bankruptcy of BP. "I am not suggesting to you that BP will or is about to file for bankruptcy. I am suggesting to you that it is a possibility," Treasurer John Kennedy wrote Jindal this week, according to The Advocate in Baton Rouge.

Kennedy's warning comes amid speculation that BP would declare bankruptcy to avoid liability for damages caused by the spill, although the oil company publicly has dismissed that possibility. 


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