New Hampshire State of the State Address 2003


CONCORD, New Hampshire - Feb. 13 - Following is the full text of New Hampshire Gov. Craig Benson's State of the State Address:

All across the nation, states are united in their fiscal woes. Maine, for example, is facing a $1 billion deficit; Massachusetts, $3 billion. States are facing deep program cuts, higher taxes, and massive lay-offs.

Unfortunately, tough times have also come to New Hampshire. We are facing record breaking deficits and a weakening economy. But tough times can bring people closer together. My management team put in long hours and made a lot of tough choices, but they put together a budget of which we can be proud. Just like families have to sit around their kitchen tables and make tough decisions about spending, New Hampshire's state government has to sit around its collective kitchen table to figure out how to live within its means. That's why I am calling this budget the Kitchen Table Budget. For the first time in a long time, the state budget will grow less than the rate of inflation.

My Kitchen table Budget is the first step towards controlled spending, greater efficiency, and, of course, lower taxes. The voters came out in record numbers and their message was loud and clear: No income tax. No sales tax. No higher taxes. No way. I couldn't agree more.

Share Your Ideas and Suggestions

I want to give the people of New Hampshire an opportunity to send their suggestions and to offer their help to make New Hampshire a better state. The job of being governor is not a one-person job. It is a many-person job. I ask you to give me your creative ideas and your passion. We need it all to turn the state of New Hampshire into a place we can be proud of 100 years from now! I know we can do it, as long as we all pull together.

Send in your suggestions today!

Innovation and Positive Change

I want to encourage all state employees to think of creative ways to help run the state in an efficient and effective manor. Innovation and 'thinking outside the box' will help us reach our goals. State government is often criticized for being slow and inefficient, well I want everyone in the state not to be afraid to change that. It is time for innovation in state government!


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