Ohio Race Drew More GOP Governors' Money Than Any Other

Though it is hard to say how influential a sitting governor can be on the outcome of a presidential election in his or her state, Democrats and Republicans alike fought tenaciously this year for control of Ohio's governorship, citing the state's undeniable importance every four years in determining control of the White House.

On Wednesday (November 17), the executive director of the Republican Governors Association put a price tag on the importance of the office, when he told The Columbus Dispatch that the group spent $11 million to help elect John Kasich - more than it spent in any other state. Nick Ayers also acknowledged that 2012 was front-and-center in the RGA's thoughts when deciding where to allocate resources.

"We were as aware as the White House was of what it meant for national politics," Ayers said, according to The Dispatch . He noted that President Obama himself has traveled to Ohio a dozen times since taking office, including several times in the weeks prior to the election in an unsuccessful effort to help return Democrat Ted Strickland to the governor's office.

Nationwide, the RGA spent $102 million on governor's races this year, according to Ayers. The group is hosting its annual conference in San Diego this week, where it is welcoming   not only Kasich but the newly elected Republican governors of other battleground states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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