Priorities 2000: A Utah View


When Utah's legislature convenes later this month, Gov. Mike Leavitt will be pressing for more education reform. Leavitt, a second-term Republican and chairman of the National Governors' Association, has proposed that 95 percent of the state's new money be earmarked for education and has called for more accountability from everyone involved in the state's school system.

More on Leavitt's agenda, in his own words:

One of my highest priorities for the year 2000 is education. Our schools are the keystone to our success. I recently proposed that 95 percent of the state's new money be earmarked for education.

I also proposed a higher degree of accountability for students, parents,teachers and administrators. The bottom-line measure of effectiveness is what our children learn. Parents should be able to chart their child's success, their school's success and their district's success against a defined standard of performance. My vision is for that information to be made readily available to parents, teachers and the public.

I'd like to see the rate of tobacco use and substance abuse cut in half among young people, youth and adult offenders and public assistance cash recipients by 2010. Utah is on its way. Of 150 offenders who have completed the statewide drug court program in one county, 95 percent have remained free of new drug charges.


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