Summary of the Georgia State of the State Address


Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue used his last state of the state address to reminisce about his seven years in office, relate the state's fiscal crisis to other challenges in American history and admonish the Republican-majority legislature to make the tough decisions needed to improve the state's future. 

"It would be easy to sit here and dread the tough decisions that lie ahead.  But now is not the time to retreat.  Now is the time to dig in even deeper and do the hard things so that our children and grandchildren will know a better Georgia," said Perdue, who is term-limited.

Bucking tradition, his Jan. 13 speech offered only one budget detail — a commitment to additional funding for the mentally disabled as required by recent court decisions. He also repeated his call for linking teacher pay to student achievement, a move that would qualify the state for competitive federal grants under the so-called Race to the Top program to promote education reform and innovation.

Perdue's budget proposals will be available Jan. 15.


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