Top 10: Gun Run Pumps Up State Wildlife Funds


A run on guns in 2012 has pumped millions of dollars into state wildlife programs, boosting protections for a range of animals, including ducks, pheasants and antelopes.

U.S. states and territories this year will receive $522.5 million from the Wildlife Restoration Fund, a 75-year-old program fueled by the collection of excise taxes on guns and ammunition, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Thursday. That’s up from $371 million allocated in 2012.

The increase, which came despite a 5.1 percent funding cut in Congress’ sequester, was spurred by gun enthusiasts’ rush to buy firearms amid fears of a legislative crackdown on some models.

Top 10 beneficiaries of 2013 Wildlife Restoration Fund Grants

Texas - $24.0 million

Alaska – $21.9m

Pennsylvania - $19.2m

California – $17.3m

Michigan - $17.2m

Wisconsin - $16.0m

Minnesota - $16.0m

New York - $14.2m

Missouri - $14.1m

Montana - $13.8m


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