2012 Election Snapshot—New Mexico

New Mexico

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2012 election snapshots

Over the past several months, Pew collected data about the 2012 presidential election from nearly every state and the District of Columbia. We used the findings to create a snapshot of each jurisdiction, focusing on how many people voted, how long they waited to cast their ballots, how they cast them, and how many ballots were not counted. These snapshots will be released over the coming months, five at a time, and the Election Data Dispatches will take a closer look at the latest snapshots each week.

2012 Election Snapshot—New Mexico

More than half of New Mexico voters cast early in-person or mail-in absentee ballots during the 2012 general election. The state allows no-excuse absentee voting by mail or in person at the county clerk’s office for 28 days before Election Day. The state also provides early voting at other locations five days a week for two weeks before the election.

The average wait time to vote in New Mexico was just four minutes in 2012. Previous research has shown that New Mexico voters consider wait times of less than 15 minutes to be ideal.

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November 21, 2013
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New Mexico