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Back-to-School Edition

  • August 23, 2013
Almost 80 million children and adults are getting ready to go back to school, from K-12 through college. We’ve put together this package of recent Stateline stories related to the annual back-to-school rituals.

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August 12, 2013

More Security Awaits Students Heading Back To School

Students heading back to school will participate in more disaster drills this year, and in rare instances, might sit in a classroom with an armed teacher. More
July 23, 2013

Interactive: When State Executives Make More Than the Governor

Governors don’t always get paid the most. State executives overseeing education, public utility regulation or even waste management may have higher salaries. More
August 7, 2013

States Train Teachers on Common Core

Twenty states will implement the Common Core State Standards for every grade level in math and English this year. More
July 29, 2013

North Carolina Ends Teacher Tenure

A number of states are ending or greatly restricting teacher tenure, with North Carolina becoming the latest to overhaul its tenure rules. More
August 6, 2013

Tax Dollars for Private School Tuition Gain in States

Private school tuition tax credit programs are being embraced by some states as a way to get around court prohibitions against vouchers. More

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