Legislative Review 2013

Stateline’s annual Legislative Review looks at policy and politics in the states since legislatures began their work in January. The five-part series will include analytical articles, infographics and interactives.

Part One: Politics

Washington is gridlocked, but state legislators produced a torrent of new laws—especially in the 37 states dominated by a single party. Read the article and view our “50 Ways States Changed America” interactive.   

Part Two: Health Care

States prepared for the Affordable Care Act, with debates on Medicaid expansion, health insurance exchanges, and how to increase the ranks of doctors and nurses. Read the article and view our “A Downsized Medicaid Expansion” infographic

Part Three: Taxes and Budget

As state revenues finally rebounded, red and blue states pursued starkly divergent paths on taxes and spending. Read the article and view our "No New Taxes? It Depends on Where You Live" infographic

Part Four: Social Issues

States moved aggressively on hot-button social issues such as gun control, abortion, gay marriage, and immigration. View our interactive timeline: "Gun Actions Since Sandy Hook Shooting," test yourself with the "Social Issues: Are You Smarter Than Stateline?" quiz, and look at the "Divided States of Gay Marriage" infographic map.

Part Five: Economic Development

States awarded tax breaks to business, touted worker-training programs and even poached jobs from each other. View our "How Did States Create Jobs?" infographic and our "Gambling Fever" infographic


June 14, 2013

States Try to Rev Up Job Machines

States this year awarded tax breaks to businesses, touted worker-training programs and even poached jobs from each other to boost their economies and create work for the nearly 12 million Americans still unemployed.  More
June 13, 2013

Social Issues Divide States

Nowhere has the red/blue divide between the states been more apparent than on contentious social issues such as gun control, abortion, gay marriage, and immigration.  More
June 12, 2013

Tax and Spend: Legislatures Did Both

Resurgent revenues prompted tax-cut talk from Bismarck to Baton Rouge — but in some states, the tax breaks never made it to the governor’s desk. In other states, legislators used newfound money to pay for education, roads, or other areas that got short shrift during the recession.  More
June 11, 2013

ACA Implementation Dominates State Legislatures

With the Affordable Care Act set to debut in January, state legislators debated dozens of measures related to the historic health care law—from overhauling insurance laws and designing health “exchanges,” to shoring up anti-fraud protections and increasing the ranks of doctors and nurses.  More
50 Ways Featured Collection
June 10, 2013

Majorities Drive Sweeping, Divergent Changes Across States

Gun curbs? Colorado got it done. Driver’s licenses and in-state tuition for immigrants in the country illegally? Done. A new school-spending plan, an elections overhaul, Medicaid expansion? Done, done, and done. More
50 Ways Featured Item Photo

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