State of the States 2014

Stateline’s 14th annual State of the States report looks at key issues that will be debated in the states this year, with the election of 36 governors and 46 legislatures as a backdrop.

Monday: Governors, Lawmakers Eye November

The big debates in state government this year will play out on the campaign trail later, when 36 governors and most legislators face the voters. See which party controls governor’s offices and state legislatures this year and download our 2014 calendar.

Tuesday: Where The Jobs Are

State economies are slowly recovering but job growth is still anemic in many states. See projections for job creation in your state, and find out which jobs will be in highest demand over the next decade.

Wednesday: Affordable Health Care Act and Gay Marriage

With so much money still on the table, states that refused to expand Medicaid in 2013 could change their minds in 2014. States also wrestle with buggy insurance exchanges. Also, see how many states now allow gay marriage, a sea change from five years ago.

Thursday: NSA Controversies Likely to Spur State Action

From drones to license plate readers, privacy will be a headline-grabbing issue in legislative sessions.

Friday: Fiscal Outlook Is Brighter in Most States

Tax collections are up, and so is spending in most states. So why aren’t state budget directors jumping with joy? 

Find out how your governor's salary stacks up against other states in Stateline's interactive.


January 10, 2014

Mixed Forecast

Why aren’t state budget directors thrilled? Tax collections and spending are up in most states. More
January 9, 2014

NSA Spying Sparks State Backlash

Expect privacy to be a flashpoint issue in 2014 state legislative sessions. More
January 8, 2014

Obamacare Decisions Roil States

With so much money still on the table, will states that refused to expand Medicaid in 2013 change their minds in 2014? More
January 8, 2014

A Sea Change for Gay Marriage

In 2008, just two states allowed same-sex marriage within their borders. Five years later the number stands at 17, plus the District of Columbia. More
January 7, 2014

Which States Will Generate Jobs in 2014?

Jobs in health care and construction dominate the list of fastest growing jobs, but some pay much better than others. More
January 6, 2014

Governors, Lawmakers Return to Capitols with an Eye on November

The big fights over state government this year will play out on the campaign trail later. More

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