Voter Registration in Four States


The monthly registration data for Florida, Virginia, and Maryland is available at each state’s election website. Colorado’s new registration data was provided directly to The Pew Center on the States by the Colorado election office.

For each state, the new registration data was divided according to the method by which the new registration was received. The number and types of subcategories differed between states. In order to simplify the data, we organized the data from each state into four larger categories: agency registrations, mail, in-person, and third party registrations, online registrations, and other. Colorado is the only state in this study with online registrations and Maryland is the only state where the other category was used.

Agency registrations refers to new registrations submitted through non-election related government agencies, including motor vehicle offices, public assistance agencies, military recruiting offices, and public libraries. Mail, in-person, or third party registrations include new registrations submitted, usually by paper, through methods driven by the election cycle, such as individuals registering with their election office, or through a third-party registration group. Online registration refers to new registrations submitted online.

For more information about how state subcategories were grouped into the four larger categories, please see the table below:


StateAgency RegistrationsElection-Driven RegistrationsOther RegistrationsOnline Registrations

Department of Revenue, military recruiters, agencies mandated by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), agencies serving people with disabilities, all other agencies

In person, mail, third-party voter registration drives, Federal Postcard Application (FPCA) Online registration

Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, recruiters, public assistance agencies, disability agencies, public libraries

In person, mail, third-party voter registration drives


Motor vehicle administration, military recruiters, high school, mandated agency,  disabled/elderly, other state agency, designated state agencies, social services, NVRA by mail

In person, mail, third-party voter registration drives (volunteer), from another board, Federal Postcard Application (FPCA)


Department of Motor Vehicles, military recruiters, public assistance, disability offices, discretionary agencies

In person, mail, third-party voter registration drives (federal form and national form)


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July 25, 2012
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